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From: Marius
Subject: A fantastic dream IIII looked down and realized,that there was a big mess of cum on my
belly.... I got ashamed,but Mr. Bugade placed his hands softly on my
upper legs and said: "Well, I think its not only your fault." looking
over to the other Mister. "Come with me,we have a lot to do." He pinched
my legs a bit,smiling and grabbing my arms to force me to stand up. I
looked the last time for now over to Mr.Gaube who used the grace of the
minute to spread his legs once again and fonling his balls,smiling to me.
Mr. Bugade led me to a room with a bed,an urology chair,a tub which was
something like a whirlpool,some lockers,a table and some chairs. I
wondered about the urology chair and stared at it. Mr. Bugade saw my
staring and said:" We will need that later..." Shit. That had to be a
kind of a liquid dream... All my secret dreams seemed to become real...
"Come here,Lars!"He stopped next to the tub,which was water-filled. "I prefer wet shaving.
So get into the tub and we can wash you,too." I was somekind of shocked.
This day was definitively the hottest and horniest day I ever had. He
took of my robe and I stepped into the hot water. "Now just relax... That
is very important for our plan." The warm water made it easy for me to
relax and because of the many hot experiences from before I was out of
power. "You will not have to do anything. The BathboysTime is doing it
;)" he said,grinning. Mr. Bugade took a botle of showercream,put some on
his hands and told me to stand up once again. I did. He started to
washing me,beginning with my arms,crawling into my armpits,then massaging
my chest attends of playing with my nipples a bit. And off course I got
horny again. His hands found their way to my stomach,where still a bit of
my and Mr. Gaube's cum exists. The nearer his hands came to my crotch,the
deeper my breathe got. "Ok,Sit down again." A bit wondered why he didnt
get on I followed his command. "Sit there,please." He pointed on a bigger
part of the tub where something like a sitting-place were. I sit down
there and was sitting directly in the front of Mr. Gaube now. He took the
shaving cream out of one of the lockers and the shaver. He lubed my whole
crotch with the cream by fondling and softly playing with my balls. I
feeled my attention got bigger - like my dickie. "When I am ready you
will look like a little boy again." He said this with some kind of ...
nervousness... horniness. Then he began shaving lolita cp pay sites
me. I tried to relax but
his hands on my balls and dick made me hotter and hotter. "Its ok youre
getting harder.... Makes me easier to shave you ;)" After 5 or ten
minutes he said: "Ok,boy. Im ready. Look at this wonderful smooth little
dickie." I looked down and was the same opinion. It looked so trim and
boyish. I liked that. "Ok,boy,get once again into the water,then step out
and sit on that chair." Like in trance I folloed his commands and sit on
the chair on the table. "Not this chair,Lars,this one" pointing to the
urology chair. Immediately I wook up out my dark bbs lolita models
trance and could feel that
big hot feeling growing in my stomach. There I was,completly naked,fresh
shaved and so attracted to Mr. Bugade. I tried to climb onto the chair
but I was too small (I always was the smallest in my class;). So Mr.
Bugade said: "Wait,I'll help you!" He put one hand on my back,the other
one under my right armpit and lifted my on the chair. The hand which was
on my back came from the front of dark angel magic loli
me - so my balls and dickie touched his
hairy arm. THAT VIEW WAS hottest high school lolitas AMAZING !!! Finally I sat on the chair with my
legs spread. The cold material of the chair made my nipples hard. "So
before we can start with our training I have ls board models lolitas
to check some things. But it
is very IMPORTANT that you relax cause I dont want to hurt you." I just
nodded. "Ok,I'll go on." Now he stood in the front of me again with his
crotch on the level of mine. There I saw it: through his very tight
trunks I could see a big bulge now. My view walked from his croth over
his hairy belly knob to his hairy nipples. It was the same time when I
decided to let him do everything he wanted.He got onto his knees ,so his
face was some centimetres away from my dickie.He took my foreskin with
two fingers pulled it towards his face. It was amazing how long my dickie
could be ;) My dickie nearly touched his mouth... With the other hand he
fondled my nuts. "Okokok... seems to be all ok. Have I told you that I
grow up in the USA? There you will be cut when you born regularly. But I
really love this skinnie dick." With this sentence he brought my little
"skinnie dickie" to life again. He opened the skin so that he was able to
look directly on my dick-knob. Then he rolled the skin all the way back
till it was all tighten. I got really big. "Ok,lets go on with the
check!" He placed his mouth directly over my dick and spit on it. He lube
it careful and pulled my skin over my knob again. He massaged the knob
through my skin,then he put on finger into it playing with my dickhead
and my piss slut. He forced my skin all the way back and proceeded his
playing. "Ok,all normal reactions. But I have to check another." With
this sentence he put hs mouth over my dickhead ang started to give me the
first blowjob I ever head. From time to time he pulled the foreskin over
my undiscovered dickhead to have to force it back with his mouth. This
feeling was so much better than I ever thought. It was so intense. He put
his other hand onto my chest,playing with my nipples and then forcing one
finger into my mouth. Like a reflex I started sucking it like he was
doing on me.I forced his face depper to me with my feet and was in
heaven. I could feel the explosion growing in me. I sucked his finger
hearder,with my hands i went trough his hairy arms.... "Oaaah.....
ahhh.... hmmmm..." I moaned. He sucked even harder and harder. I felt the
first spurt of cum splashing into his mouth... I started screaming by
this intense feeling. I rammed my dickie with every spurt into his mouth.
All in all I cummed 4 or 5 times. Mr. Bugade swallowed everything.
"Mhmmmmm...." I could hear him moaning... He put his finger out of my
mouth and let his hand going down to my nuts again. Softly he touched
them. It seemed like he wanted to milk the last drop out of it. I was
absolutely out of power now. Mr. Bugade waited for my dickie to get soft
in his mouth not sucking a bit. After circa 10 minutes it was soft. He
gave it a heard suck once again and sucked the very last drop of cum
outta it.TO BE CONTINUED !!!please send me mails to (no,im not only 15yo,but is full of spam...;) and ill definitively reply !!!
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